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Stamp Windows are transitory events that help you increase your Philatelicism! Each one is unique and different like flowers, unless there are flowers out there that are exactly the same! Always double-check the information before heading out, sometimes changes must be made! Don't forget your EPS passport! Tell the young people about it! Jimmy!

EPS officials will display the official EPS logo as seen at the top of this document at the designated time and location listed unless an alternative wayfinding mechanism is necessary. The logo may be worn on clothing and/or consist of a supplementary cloth/paper be-logoed object stationed in/near the official's hand/foot. Alternately, the logo may be presented in the form of a flag planted in the ground or draped somewhere at approximately eye-catching level. Logo may be anywhere from nine square inches to thirty-six (36) square feet in area. Logo may be black on white or gold on black or black on yellow or black on something weird. Proxies must present the name of the passport holder to obtain a courtesy visa for that passport holder. Proxies can only represent one EPS member per stamp window unless the proxy is somehow able to "trick" the EPS official into coughing up more than one. They'd have to be rather clever though, I think, knowing our crack field agents like I do.

Courtesy Visa: If you are an EPS member and cannot show up in person at a stamp window, in some cases you may send a proxy to pick up a courtesy visa for the event. The EPS official will need the name of the EPS member, and will give your proxy a stamped courtesy visa which you can insert in your passport once the proxy gives it to you. Do not forget to reward your proxy, perhaps with ice cream, art supplies, or a useful tool, like a bar clamp, for example. "Thank you for getting that courtesy visa, my friend. Here is a bar clamp." "Oh, thank you! That is very considerate of you."

Stamp Windows are announced on Twitter, Facebook, and the EPS mailing list.

Erstwhile Philatelic Society Meeting. San Francisco.
Saturday June 20 2020 1:20pm.


Other places to get your passport stamped.

Pinnacles National Monument, Mojave National Preserve, Alcatraz, Muir Woods, Marin Headlands, Fort Point, Presidio, Fort Mason, Crissy Field Center, Fort Funston, Point Reyes Lighthouse, Yosemite, Death Valley, Joshua Tree, Cape Disappointment, etc, etc.