The Elsewhere Philatelic Society is devoted to the practice of Philatelicism, an arcane practice involving the study of (in no particular order) abstract origami, lenticular printing and holography, menacing nightmares, hazy recollections, mysteriously moldy bread, interactive fiction, transdimensional travel, optical delusions, artifice, imaginary friends, obsolete technologies, the Flatland Liberation Movement, abstruse memories, detourned imagery, endangered forms of communication, grottoes, interactive nonfiction, frauds, meaningful graffiti, abandoned gas stations, warp zones, waterlogged paperback books, fictional creatures, street art, prescription fiction, acts of sabotage, lost shoelaces, Proterozoic transitions, traffic signs, literacy awareness, and so on, and so forth.

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Friends of the Society

Elsewhere Apothecary
Fine Products for the Elsewhere Philatelist

Letter Writer's Alliance
Advocates of wondrous things upon which to affix stamps and persons to whom they may be sent.

Wanderer's Union
Explore the Bay Area in a series of unconventional delightfully-meandering walks.

Go out on mini-adventures with friends, collect awards and earn whimsical prizes.

Pouring out a Forty for the EPWA.

Michael Wertz



Dave King