The Elsewhere Philatelic Society (EPS) is an art collective that focuses on the drive to achieve Philatelicism (“[...] the study of the study of stamp collecting, collectors, and collections”): an amorphous mish-mash of public space reinterpretation, street art/environmental installation, publications, machine-augmented concerns, and philately. Currently EPS members are engaged in a series of training sessions to better become fully prepared mail carriers.

You can apply to become an active member here. It is free!

To keep up with events, updates, and the like, please see our Twitter or Facebook pages.

Stampsfromelsewhere.com features only some of the events the EPS has held since 2010. All events are being documented, but only on a members-only website that you will gain access to once you complete your application for membership in the EPS. The site also contains ongoing EPS projects, concerns, historical documents, recordings and photos that are relevant to all EPS members.

Friends of the Society

Elsewhere Apothecary
Fine Products for the Elsewhere Philatelist

Letter Writer's Alliance
Advocates of wondrous things upon which to affix stamps and persons to whom they may be sent.

Wanderer's Union
Explore the Bay Area in a series of unconventional delightfully-meandering walks.

The Institute
The Games of Nonchalance (The Jejune Institute)

Michael Wertz




Dave King